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Starting this semester and this class, I believed that this would be one of my hardest classes yet. However, this class turned out to be very simple. That it, as long as the work is done and you participate.  In the beginning, we set our goals for the semester and hoped to accomplish them by the end of the semester.  These goals may have been personal or they may have been aimed towards this class. So, I must ask my fellow classmates: Did you accomplish the goals you set for yourself?


Remembering our first Unit Project, we had to create a video about an illness. In this video, we needed to bring awareness to this illness. It could have been in a serious tone or even a funny tone. We could have used animated characters or humans, as long as we made the viewers aware of the illness and turned the video into a video of our own. This video helped us with our speaking skills, editing techniques, and using multiple resources varying from articles to videos to photos.


Going back to our second Unit Project, we had to bring light to a health injustice. For this project, we needed to find sources from articles or journals to bring in facts regarding North Carolina. With the topic we had chosen, we needed to cross reference it within the North Carolina region. We needed to make a presentation to present at a miniature conference and learn how to remember information enough to present multiple times. This presentation helped us improve our skills with cross referencing, organizing graphs, and speaking to an audience.


Recently, we finished our third and last Unit Project. This project was centered around an individual who had an illness. We needed to separate the individual from their illness to prove that their illness does not define them. Our goal was to bring forth the individual and tell the readers their personality to get a true understanding of him/her, then give background information on his/her illness to show how the illness changed that person. With this project, we worked on our interviewing skills and learning how to respect one’s privacy.


From the beginning to the end of this class, we may have struggled with something. However, we overcame that struggle and pushed through. Whether it was a struggle to wake up early every Tuesday and Thursday to make it to the eight o’clock class, or a struggle trying to find a topic for each of the Unit projects, we still pushed through until the very end. We may have wanted to give up but we were all rewarded with something that we will remember the rest of our days in college; great writing ethics!


To end this post, I want to wish a farewell to all my classmates and my professor. I want to thank you all for the feedback and giving me new insight on different topics. This class has benefited all the students in looking at various student’s points of view on different perspectives and teaching us that not just one perspective is honored over the other. Lastly, I want to wish each and every student reading this, Good Luck on all your exams and to continue succeeding at whatever is possible.


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