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Stepping into week 11, the class had to complete UP2 and a presentation that would be done in class. This week we began to learn and implement abstracts into our feeders. An abstract is basically a summary of what our paper is about and speaks about the sources used in the paper. When constructing our presentations, we had to limit the script to around 400 words because we only had about 2 minutes to speak. Each person had to present in class at least 3 times and each group stopped at each section to hear their peer’s work. This activity was nice to do and allowed us to not only have a different dynamic to our class style, but also gave us a chance to hear work that our classmates have been working hard on. Finally, we were also able to be informed on many different social issues in health and medicine. Overall, everyone’s papers and presentations were great, and everyone spoke with confidence.

Through this paper and presentation, I personally learned that the more sources used, the more context and citations you can implement into your paper. At first, I began to only utilize 2 outside sources, but because of the feedback given to me by Mr. Blom and my classmates, I added 2 additional sources. This gave me more access to information which in turn helped with the solutions I could come up with to fix the problem spoken about in my paper.

Currently, I am working on my paper that is due in economics based on salary and profit differential between the NBA and the WNBA. I’m trying to stay on top of the assignment and fight the urge to procrastinate because I know it will end with my overall grade in the class taking a blow. In both Economics 55H and English 105I, there are multiple writing submissions that are due each week. I’ve realized that completing these assignments earlier than the due date allows me time to edit and build onto what I was originally writing.

In my writing projects, I believe that I dig deep into my projects and speak on the bigger picture of the text very well. However, some things that I could specifically fix in my writing process/ approach would be to begin my writing process earlier. Procrastination is definitely my kryptonite. I’m sure many people get caught up prioritizing work for other classes and lose track of what was due in another class. This is the biggest fluke in my writing because I tend to find myself submitting work that I didn’t feel was my absolute best. In the future, I will just plan ahead and mark down when I should begin working on my writing projects.

This week was also HALLOWEEN!! Since last year Halloween was kind of canceled, this year a ton of people went out and made sure they had fun. I had all of you made the most of this year’s Halloween while still remaining safe. With that, Happy Spooky Writing Week!


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