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For nearly all your classes, your course information, assignments, resources, discussion forums and sign-ups will be available through either Canvas ( or Sakai ( Your Professor will communicate with you about which to use. UNC is switching over completely to Canvas, but this is the first semester it has been available, hence the two different platforms. By your 2L year, you will be only in Canvas. Thanks for your patience while we make the transition.

Class recordings are accessible through Canvas/Sakai for many courses (ask your professor if you don’t see a link). Some of you will have the option to watch the classroom remotely via a livestream in the event that you are unable to attend class. Your professor will determine whether access is granted for that feature.

Duo authentication is required to access Canvas/Sakai, as well as other websites on campus like Connect Carolina.

Set up Duo: (

  1. Watch the above-referenced video, collect your smartphone, laptop and PID
  2. On your iPhone or Android smartphone, install the free Duo Mobile app
  3. On your laptop, open a browser and login to
  4. Sign up for 2-Step Verification Duo by clicking the Two Step Verification for Duo link and filling out the required information
  5. Open your Duo Mobile app and be ready for the QR code after which you will choose verification preferences.

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Please call 919.962.HELP (4357) or visit and click on the “chat” icon at the bottom of the page to receive immediate assistance.