Generational Wealth Loss and Reparations


Abstract –                                                                                                      In this episode, Reagan Wayne analyzes the extent of generational wealth lost during the Massacre and the ongoing fight for reparations. After tracking the progression of job creation in Greenwood from 1907 to 1920, the episode compares two prominent Tulsa hotels (the Stradford Hotel and the Hotel Tulsa) as a way to measure what Black-owned businesses may have been able to achieve had they been allowed to thrive and survive the way their white-owned counterparts were able. Then, the conversation turns to reparations as Reagan discusses a notable court case (Alexander v. Oklahoma), its results, and a pastor that is leading the way toward racial equity and accountability. 


John “the Baptist” Stradford –
The Stradford Hotel
The Stradford Hotel –
The Hotel Tulsa – Retrieved from the Tulsa World
Photo Courtesy of the Tulsa World
Rev. Dr. Robert Turner – Retrieved from the Tulsa World

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