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What is Graduate School in Chemistry Like?

Graduate school is a place to go to further your knowledge to become an expert in a given field. Through these programs, you will gain knowledge through coursework and academic research. In addition, you will likely serve as an undergraduate teaching assistant for a lab or lecture course.

What Types of Graduate Programs Exist for Chemistry?

There are two types of graduate programs: Masters and Ph.D.

Should You Go to Graduate School?

  • Do you want to learn more about chemistry and expand your skills?
    • Yes!
  • Don’t know what type of job you can get with this degree and what it will do for you?
    • Do some research
    • Talk to the chemists that are around you if you can. Some may have started in industry!
  • Are you over school?
    • Probably not the right choice for you. While grad school is different than undergrad in some respects, but it is still very demanding.

How to Prepare for Graduate School

  • There are a variety of ways to prepare for graduate school.
  • Talk to some of your professors to get their perspective
  • Talk to Peers and graduate students
  • Organize deadlines and admission requirements for all schools you are interested in
  • Get involved in undergraduate research. See Resume Boosters Prior to Graduate School