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  1. Slyman, Katherine (2022). Alumni Panel Series Offers a Glimpse into Life as an Early-Career Mathematician. SIAM News: News journal of the Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics, 55(3), 6.
  2. Doughty, R., Gonda, J., Morales, A., Reiswig, B., Reiswig, J., Slyman, K., & Pritikin, D. (2016). Arranging kings k-dependently on hexagonal chessboards. Involve, a Journal of Mathematics, 9(4), 699-713.


  1. Slyman, K., Jones, C.K. Rate and Noise-Induced Tipping Working in Concert. Submitted to Chaos: An Interdisciplinary Journal of Nonlinear Science, October 2022. *In first round of revisions for Chaos.

In Preparation:

  1. Corak, N., Gemmer, J., Jones, C.K., Kiers, C., Slyman, K. The Effects of Rate and Noise-Induced Tipping in a Low-Dimensional Dynamical Systems Model of a Tropical Cyclone. Expected submission November 2022.
  2. Fleurantin, E., Slyman, K., Barker, B., Jones, C.K. A Dynamical Systems Approach for Most Probable Escape Paths over Periodic Boundaries. Expected submission November 2022.
  3. Matthews, J., Rao, Y., Robinson E., Slyman, K., Konrad, K. Evaluating Simulated Vegetation Status of Earth System Models Using Satellite Climate Data Records. Expected submission December 2022 – January 2023.