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Applications for the 2023-2025 admissions cycle is closed.

Step 1: Prepare your application

  • Secure funds for a $95 application fee
  • Get a PDF(s) of Unofficial Transcript(s) from the college(s) you attended.
  • Ask three people to write a Letter of Recommendation for you.
    • You’ll submit three emails to the online application, and the graduate school will contact each of your recommenders with instructions for directly uploading their letter to your online application.
    • Get at least one letter from a faculty member in an exercise science-related field who can describe your ability to complete a masters degree, including a thesis project.
    • Get at least one letter from a strength coach who supervised you and can describe your ability to provide strength and conditioning services to a UNC varsity sports team.
  • Write a 1-2 page Statement of Purpose. Your statement of purpose should include: 1) how the masters in exercise physiology curriculum and experiences as a college strength and conditioning coach aligns with your personal goals, 2) Your coaching philosophy.
  • Update your resume to reflect your strength and conditioning and research experiences.
  • Create two programs (in-season; out-of-season) for the Fencing Team:
    • Each program will consist of three training days/week (MWF), arranged in whatever way you feel appropriate (full body, upper/lower split, etc.).
    • Include appropriate exercise selection and ordering based on the sport of fencing.
    • Each exercise should have sets and reps displayed in an clear format with associated intensities when appropriate.
    • Include a variety of exercises.
    • Do not include too much detail on warm-ups, recovery modalities, or conditioning work.
    • Assume all athletes are technically proficient at performing all exercises.
    • This program will be reviewed by the strength and conditioning staff for 1) safety and effectiveness, and 2) your understanding of in-season vs off-season programming.

Step 2: Submit the online application to the UNC Graduate School

  • Click here to submit an online application
  • Click here for application instructions
  • The online application will include:
    • Application fee ($95)
    • Unofficial transcript (an official one isn’t needed unless you are admitted).
    • Current Letters of Recommendation. Email addresses for three (3) people who will write you a letter of recommendation. At least one must come from a strength coach, and at least one from a faculty member.
    • Standardized test scores. Do NOT include standardized test scores (the GRE is not required in for this graduate program).
    • Statement of purpose
    • Resume
    • Community Standard Questions
    • Supplemental program information. Although there are supplemental forms available to submit in this application portal, DO NOT submit any supplemental information to the UNC Graduate School. Instead, you will submit an alternative supplemental application (see next step).

Step 3: Submit the supplemental application to the department of Exercise and Sport Science.

Next Steps:

  • Following the application process, 3-6 candidates will be selected for zoom interviews, and then 2 candidates will be selected for on-campus interviews.