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Spring 2022:

I) Seminar focused on understanding how to use stacks in algebraic geometry. We are reading notes from Vistoli on his homepage titled: “Notes on Grothendieck topologies, fibered categories and descent theory.” It looks like we will finish the entire pdf by the end of semester. Organized by Dr. Jiuzu Hong.

II) Seminar very loosely focused around “homological algebra part II” (continued from previous semester), though we kind of discuss whatever we want. Topics so far have included derived categories, Hoschild (co)homology and Lie algebra cohomology. Halfway through this semester, we shifted the focus to mathematical physics. Currently we are discussing field theory with the short term goal of learning about supersymmetric quantum mechanics and morse theory, and a long term goal of discussing topological strings and branes. Organized by Dr. Lev Rozansky.

III) Online seminar/mini-course taught by Dr. Gurbir Dhillon as part of the Yale algebra and geometry series centered on an introduction categorical representation theory and the Langlands program. Here is the organizing website link. Notes featured in Notes section.