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Rahul Suhag Posts


I am a fifth-year Ph.D. candidate in Quantitative Marketing Strategy at UNC Chapel Hill, with a passion for leveraging data-driven insights to create value for businesses and drive sustainable competitive advantage. My research interests are in the domain of Quantitative Marketing Strategy, with a focus on two research areas: Marketing to Entrepreneurs and Responsible Marketing by Brands. Additionally, I specialize in using various methods for answering substantive questions, including causal modeling, Bayesian statistics, machine learning, and empirical IO, to generate practical and robust insights. Having successfully defended my dissertation proposal, “Marketing for Entrepreneurs,” I anticipate completing my Ph.D. by May 2024.

Apart from research, I also contribute through teaching and service to the field of marketing. I successfully taught a full semester “Principles of Marketing” core course to 34 undergraduate business students, earning a 4.25/5.00 overall rating, and have further honed my skills as a teaching assistant in MBA courses. My teaching philosophy encompasses three key principles: Interactive learning, inclusivity, and relevance. Recognizing that students hail from diverse backgrounds with unique challenges and learning capabilities, I carefully curate course materials to be clear, concise, and relatable for all. By incorporating U.S. and international examples and inviting guest lecturers from diverse backgrounds, I encourage students to appreciate and engage with diverse perspectives. Additionally, I have served as a reviewer for AMA Summer (2022) and Winter (2021, 2022) Academic Conferences as well as a track host for the 2021 Marketing Science conference.