PSSP: Information for Participants

Welcome to the website for the Political Science Subject Pool (PSSP) at UNC-Chapel Hill. This website provides key details about the research activity requirement for Poli100, Poli130, and Poli150.

If you are here because you want to begin participating in a study, please click here to be taken to the Participation Portal. (This link is not currently active. It will become active in October of 2021.)

You can also complete your course’s PSSP requirement by writing an 800-word research-oriented reaction paper. Paper requirements and a submission portal will become available on this website in October.

To view a video providing an overview of the PSSP expectations, click here. This link requires logging in to Office 365 with your UNC credentials. Use onyen@ad.unc.edu, NOT onyen@live.unc.edu.

To download the slides from the video, click here.

For answers to common questions, click here.

For questions about the PSSP and the Research Activity Requirement, please email pssp@unc.edu.

For matters related to Institutional Review Board oversight, please contact the UNC Institutional Review Board. The PSSP is IRB Protocol 21-0034.