PSSP: Information for Participants

Welcome to the website for the Political Science Subject Pool (PSSP) at UNC-Chapel Hill. This website provides key details about the research activity requirement for Poli100, Poli130, and Poli150.

If you are here because you want to begin participating in a study, please click here to be taken to the Participation Portal.

For information on how to write and submit a research reaction paper (an alternative to participating in studies), click here. To submit a reaction paper you have written, visit the submission portal here.

To view a video providing an overview of the PSSP expectations, click here. This link requires logging in to Office 365 with your UNC credentials. Use onyen@ad.unc.edu, NOT onyen@live.unc.edu.

To download the slides from the video, click here.

For answers to common questions, click here.

For questions about the PSSP and the Research Activity Requirement, please email pssp@unc.edu.

For matters related to Institutional Review Board oversight, please contact the UNC Institutional Review Board. The PSSP is IRB Protocol 21-0034.