Queer Quizzes Qwith QTPOC

Which Disney princess are you? What's your love language? How gay are you? Are you a narcissist? Come take random online quizes with UNC-QTPOC and hang out with us. UNC-QTPOC is a club exclusively for and by Queer and/or Trans People of Color at UNC. All are welcome to the event, including QTPOC-affirming friends and… Read More »Queer Quizzes Qwith QTPOC

A Discussion with Abby Stein the author of Becoming Eve: My Journey from Ultra-Orthodox Rabbi to Transgender Woman

Abby Stein is a Jewish educator, author, speaker and activist. She attended Yeshiva, completing a rabbinical degree in 2011. In 2012, she left the Hasidic world to explore a self-determined life. In 2015 Abby came out as a woman of trans experience. Since coming out, she has been working to raise support and awareness for… Read More »A Discussion with Abby Stein the author of Becoming Eve: My Journey from Ultra-Orthodox Rabbi to Transgender Woman

QGAPS Pride Week Listening Party

Welcome to Pride Week at Carolina! As part of this year's virtual festivities, we'll be hosting a Pride Week listening party, playing all of your faves off a collaborative playlist. Whether you'd like to be in the zoom room with camera and mic on or off, you're welcome to join us and share the vibes!Friends… Read More »QGAPS Pride Week Listening Party

LGBTQ Center Ambassador Drop-In Hours

Join fellow undergraduates during LGBTQ Ambassador Drop-in Hours. The LGBTQ Center Student Ambassadors will be available to chat about a variety of topics including, but not limited to, coming out, queer experiences, and many other topics that don't revolve around LGBTQ identities. Come with questions in mind or come just to chat and hang out!

LGBTQ Center Book Club

The LGBTQ Center Book Club is a twice-monthly meeting of lit nerds and casual readers who love to discuss books, fanfic, and other readings with LGBTQIA+ themes. We meet on a pattern of suggesting books on the 1st Friday and meeting to discuss the group's chosen work(s) on the 3rd Friday. We stay in touch… Read More »LGBTQ Center Book Club

SAGA Pride Party

Join SAGA for our annual pride week celebration! Dress up, listen and contribute to our community playlists, play games, or just hang out! Move through the breakout rooms at your own pace and have fun!

Pride Baking Party

The LGBTQ Center and QGAPS will be hosting a Pride Week Baking Party! The virtual Pride Baking Party will take place on Monday, April 12th from 6-8pm. LGBTQ identifying Undergraduate students, Graduate students, and Alumni will all have the chance to show off their baking skills! Don't worry, anyone who doesn't want to bake is… Read More »Pride Baking Party

Pride Wellness Hour

Celebrate the last day of Pride Week 2021 with some rest and relaxation! You have been working so hard this year and deserve a time during Pride to feel good and affirmed. Please join two CAPS staff members for someactivities to rejuvenate the mind, body, and soul. Two CAPS staff will begin by leading us… Read More »Pride Wellness Hour

Pride PowerPoint Night

Join us for the return of our hit event, PowerPoint Night! Come tell us about your favorite media, which fictional characters you'd date, why you think everyone needs to start rollerblading, rank your top 10 Wattpad fics, or any other topic you wish! Presentations are limited to 5 minutes and the goofier the better!