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Screenshot from “Dreaming Through Walls”, animated by Kaylynn Crowder with music by Daniel Bennett.

During the Fall 2020 semester, while we were all isolated for health and safety, students in Allen Anderson’s Advanced Composition class (MUSC 266) in the Department of Music at UNC joined forces at a distance with students in Professor Marc Russo’s animation studio (AND 460) in the Department of Art and Design within the College of Design at North Carolina State University.

Both animators and composers were presented the prompt “Dreaming Through Walls” to activate their creativity. Rather than composing to completed films, composers and animators worked simultaneously, making adjustments and calibrations as needed. With many more animators than composers, some composers scored several films and a few scores appeared in more than one animation. While all composers in the class created music, not all the associated films were completed to the animator’s satisfaction. The UNC student composers were Noah Bell, Daniel Bennett, David Green, James Larkins, Alex McKeveny, Jason Reiser, and Liz Yardley.

A sampling of the work produced is presented below, and altogether in one playlist here.

Daniel Bennett

            Kaylynn Crowder, Dreaming Through Walls

            Taylor Johnson, Untitled

            Mary Tuman, Black Box

David Green 

Lacie Thomas, Mr. Blob

Alex McKeveny           

            Lydia Farro, Morning 

            Anna Hart, Within Reach

Jason Reiser

           Amelia Fee, Little Whispers 

Akina Obata, Dreaming Through Walls 

Ken Ortiz, Surface

Nathan Royall, Our Legacy

Heike Schneider, To Dream Alone

Liz Yardley

            RJ Washington, Dreaming Through Walls: The Door

Noah Bell

Dreaming Through Walls (no film)

James Larkins

Three Voices (no film)