Documentaries on Chinese Food


A Bite of China 舌尖上的中國    youtube, CH

A Bite of China is a blockbuster CCTV documentary series on Chinese food, which has reached millions of domestic and international viewers in each of its three seasons (2012, 2014, 2018). It focuses on the human stories behind beloved local dishes and foodstuffs. The clip below is taken from the first season.



AJ+ series on Chinese Food    youtube, EN

AJ+ published a 3-part series on Chinese Food in America by visiting San Francisco, Mississippi, and Los Angeles to show the different aspects of Chinese American food and food history.


The Bite of Canton 老廣的味道    youtube, CH

The Bite of Canton is a documentary series sharing exhilarating facts and knowledge about Cantonese cuisine. They aired 5 seasons so far (as of December 2020).


The Search for General Tso     website, EN

Who was General Tso, and why are we eating his chicken? This feature documentary explores the origins and ubiquity of Chinese-American food through the story of an iconic sweet and spicy chicken dish (source: IMDb).


Chinese Restaurants    website, EN

Chinese Restaurants, a 15-part documentary series, tells the story of the Chinese Diaspora through its most recognizable and enduring icon – the family-run Chinese restaurant. Filmmaker Cheuk Kwan traveled to 13 different countries to explore their Chinese communities, and the foodways that transcend geographical, political and social frontiers. These stories celebrate the resilience and complexity of the Chinese diaspora and expand the definition of what it means to be “Chinese” today. (source: IMDb) The clip below is taken from the episode on Madagascar.


Breakfast in China 早餐中國    youtube, CH

There is a Chinese saying: “一日之计在于晨” (The Morning is the most important part of the day.) Breakfast in China is a documentary series that takes the audience to breakfast stalls in different regions of China.