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Team Members:

Team roles:

  • Bowei Dong as Client Manager and Front-end Manager:
    • Manage meetings to communicate with client
    • Manage project view on WordPress Page
  • Qingyu Sun as Project Manager and Tableau Manager:
    • Manage the Trello board and make sure everything is up to date
    • Update team website accordingly
    • Manage Tableau dashboard generated from the data
  • Irene Zhan as Meeting manager and Data Manager:
    • Organize agenda for each meeting
    • Keep notes during the meetings
    • Manage and process the datasets

Team rules:

  • Team Behaviors:
    • Timely response on communication through Wechat or email.
    • Prior notifications to the team if deadlines cannot be met or any other adjustments needed.
  • Coding Style:
    • There is no specific coding style required yet. Team members should use their best judgement.
  • Git Collaboration: Trunk-based development. Required pull requests and code review.