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Journal XI Week 11/2-11/6

This week we mainly worked on test coverage of our code. We created 3 mock datasets and corresponding expected outputs. The test would then check whether the expected output is the same as the dataset generated by our functions. Initially, we only had a test coverage of 94%; however, after modifying the test cases within the datasets, we were able to cover 100% of our code. Through meeting with our mentor, Mike, we also came to an important realization that our functions assume a pre-defined format of input datasets: such as the research dataset and the practicum dataset. This is a very important assumption and we made it clear that the function and tests are only used for datasets in these 2 formats. 

Next week, we’ll be working on the developer readme. We recognize the importance of this document as it will appear on our Github repository and guide future developers through our code and tests.