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Journal VII Week 10/5-10/9

This week we worked on our walking skeleton deliverable. I worked on writing the Python script to normalize the location variable into county, city, state, and country variables and to merge different datasets together. Parts of the data are very unorganized and took me some time to manually clean it. We’ll need to communicate with Naya that this process cannot be achieved by just running the script. Qingyu worked on generating the Tableau dashboard from the processed data that was generated from the Python script. Lastly, Bowei worked on organizing the view of the website; fitting the dashboard and the story map enabled through ArcGIS perfectly on the WordPress website. We are trying to finish this as soon as possible so that we can meet with our client early next week to receive feedback on our progress.

We also practiced as a team for our midterm presentation. We are very excited to share with the rest class of what we are able to accomplish in the past 2 months.