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Journal IX Week 10/19-10/23

This week we mainly worked on finishing up our project and preparing for our tech talk. We found several ways to improve from our last updates to Naya. We are currently able to fill in missing geographic location information in the datasets. For example, if city and country are given, we can fill in approximate latitude and longitude. If latitude and longitude are given, we can fill in values for city and country. However, there exist some discrepancies within the dataset where the latitude and longitude do not correspond with the current country and city variables. We’ll be looking forward to hearing from Naya’s thoughts on these. Furthermore, we are also looking into ways to increase Tableau’s performance.

We are also working on our Tech Talk presentation. We plan on first talking about data visualization and then introduce Tableau as a useful tool. Then we will do a demo during the presentation that should encourage students to follow step by step and create a dashboard using the dataset we provide.