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Journal II Week 8/31-9/4

This week we met with our client, Naya, on Tuesday. Naya provided us a lot of useful information such as her expectation of the final product and where the data is stored. We learned that we will not be working directly with databases due to security reasons; instead, we’ll work with cleaned datasets provided by Naya. Naya expects our final product to be similar to the UNC Covid-19 dashboard, where summarized information is shown in interactive graphs through Tableau.

Our meeting with Mike on Thursday challenged us to think more about the potential users of the dashboard such as researchers, alumni, media, and donors and what information they would like to see. We plan to explore the datasets this week to see what information is contained and how we can best summarize the information and construct a coherent story. Bowei will also reach out to Naya to clarify if multiple webpages are needed beyond the dashboard if users wish to learn more about one specific aspect.