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Journal IV Week 9/14-9/18

This week we met with our client Naya to clarify what information to be presented with the datasets. We received a total of five datasets from Naya, three of them are very similar, containing information including project title, PI’s name, department, location, start date, end date and so on. However, the practicum dataset only contains information on the location, which makes it hard to be combined with the other datasets. Through our meeting, Naya told us that she would like the dashboard to be grouped into three areas: one area with the summarized information on all datasets so just geographic location for now, one area with the research datasets, and one area with the practicum dataset. She also thinks it will be good to embed the stories map below the dashboard so we’ll be looking into the details of that and the presentation of the entire web page.

Our meeting with Mike is mostly about our clickable prototype. Mike pointed out some key issues with our current work and also gave us some good suggestions based on user experience such as filtering with maps. Mike also asked what are some end actions we expect the users to have, which we weren’t at the time. We plan to ask our client in the future to clarify if using this website would inspire the users to donate to the research, want to learn more about the projects, or something totally different.