For Your Learning

Use the resources here to educate yourself about the harmful stereotypes, myths and images that are still perpetuated today, as well as the history of Asian American Pacific Islanders in the United States. Consider the resources below as a starting point for learning more and not a comprehensive overview.

Harmful Stereotypes, Myths and Images:

Rethinking Schools journal cover1. “You’re Asian, How Could You Fail Math?”: Unmasking the Myth of the Model Minority


This article, written by a former teacher, unmasks the harmful and insidious stereotype of the “Model Minority” by looking specifically at the math classroom.

Ted talks logo2. I Am Not Your Asian Stereotype


“Bad driver. Math wizard. Model minority. In this hilarious and insightful talk, eighteen-year-old highschool senior Canwen Xu shares her Asian-American story of breaking stereotypes, reaffirming stereotypes, and driving competently on her way to buy rice.” (Quoted from video description)

New York Times logo3. How Coronavirus Racism Infected My High School | NYT Opinion


“What happens when stereotypes and fear about Covid-19 arrive before the actual disease does? In the video above, Katherine Oung, a 11th grader in Florida, shows what teenagers like her and her friends face as the coronavirus pandemic brings to the surface the racism underlying her community.” (Quoted from video description)

Dr. Seuss book spread4. Why Dr. Seuss got away with anti-Asian racism for so long


In light of the recent controversy about Dr. Seuss’s racist imagery, this article questions how Dr. Seuss got away with using racist imagery for so long. It examines the insidious racism of his books, its history,  and emphasizes the need to re-examine imagery in children’s books.



AAPI History:

PBS News Hour1. The Long History of Racism Against Asian Americans in the U.S.


This article provides a brief overview of the  history of racism against AAPI and examines specific instances of racism in depth. A good resource for familiarizing yourself with the topic before learning about individual events in greater detail.

Asian Americans Film Title 2. Asian Americans (Film Series)

Website and Film Series

PBS’s Asian Americans film series and accompanying website is a multimedia presentation of history. The film series tells the history of Asian Americans through personal experiences and anecdotes. The website offers a chance to learn more, with features such as an interactive gallery for figures from the film and a “Social Highlights” twitter display.

Zinn Education Project3. Heroes in Asian-American History

Article/Interactive Gallery

This resource includes brief profiles and portraits of key figures in Asian American history. In addition, it includes hyperlinks to further reading on the figures. A great resource for learning about important historical figures overlooked and ignored in many historical narratives.

Asian Americans for Equity logo 4. Our History- Asian Americans For Equality


The article and video in Four Decades of Social Justice details the forty years that Asian Americans For Equality spent fighting for the civil rights of Asian-Americans. They begin with the 1974 protests against Police Brutality and end in 2014, when the history was written. A must read and must see for understanding the ongoing injustices facing Asian-American communities and the continuing fight for social justice.

Black and white photograph by Corky Lee5. Corky Lee’s Photographs Helped Generations of Asian-Americans See Themselves


Representation matters. So, Corky Lee spent his career focusing on making accurate representations of Asian Americans visible in the media. In commemoration of Lee, the article provides a biography including some of his photographs. It emphasizes his role as an activist and his importance in helping Asian Americans see themselves in the media.