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During 2020-21 and the Coronavirus pandemic, the U.S. has seen a drastic increase in violent rhetoric and hate acts against Asian American and Pacific Islander communities. Between March 2020 and February 2021, Stop AAPI Hate recorded 3,795 incidents of reported hate acts, representing only a portion of the hate acts that occurred.[1] The political discourse in 2020 further promoted anti-Asian sentiment. Researchers found that out of 1,227 tweets about Asian Americans in the eight months preceding the election, 1 in 10 included racist or stigmatizing language.[2] With the onset of the Coronavirus pandemic, anti-Asian hate crimes in large American cities increased 149%.[3] The horrendous March 16, 2021 shooting in Atlanta targeting Asian American Pacific Islanders brought this phenomenon to widespread national attention.

This website is intended to help youth librarians combat anti-AAPI hate and learn and teach about AAPI history. For Your Learning provides resources to educate yourself about some common stereotypes and AAPI history. For the Library provides resources to help with collection development and designing an inclusive library. For Sharing includes resources for you to share with parents, youth, and educators such as articles about how to discuss racist incidents with youth and reading list suggestions. For Advocating includes our call to action, organizations already working to stop AAPI hate, and action steps for right now. About Us explains more about the origins of this website and its creators.

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