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The Office of Curricular and Student Affairs is a “high traffic” suite for faculty and students. Given community standards around COVID-19 most all OCSA meetings will be scheduled via Zoom. There are times when emergent situations arise that warrant an immediate response. Although rare, they do occur.


Students/faculty with an emerging, immediate concern/issue/need that cannot be managed virtually through Zoom or via email.


General planning and/or update meetings, meetings of a sensitive nature, meetings not requiring an immediate intervention.


  1. Visitors will enter the suite through the Beard 109 entrance.
  2. All visitors will follow one-way traffic signage for navigating and exiting the suite.
  3. Visitors will exit the suite by way of one of the 2 exit doors in the back of the suite.
  4. A “Zoom Room” will be set up in an OCSA office for walk-in visitors to use to meet with OCSA staff if there is not sufficient space to social distance or if the visitor is not comfortable meeting in person.
  5. A maximum of 2 visitors will be allowed to wait in the reception area and will be socially distanced at 6 feet.
    • Visitor overflow will be accommodated in the main Beard corridor and marked with 6 feet of social distancing.
  6. All visitors will be required to wear a mask for the duration of the visit.
  7. All visitors will be asked to use hand sanitizer immediately upon entering the suite.
  8. Upon entering the OCSA suite, visitors should sign in using the available iPad. Any visitor to OCSA will be asked to sign in. Sanitizing wipes will be available, and iPad should be wiped after each use. Visitors will need to maintain 6 feet of social distancing as indicated on the floor in the OCSA reception area.
  9. OCSA reception area staff will determine the visitor’s need and if the OCSA staff member is available for an immediate meeting or if a Zoom meeting needs to be scheduled.
    • If no OCSA staff members are physically in the reception area, visitors will first sign in and then ring the bell to alert other staff that a visitor is waiting.
  10. Once signed in, reception area staff will message/call OCSA staff member to notify them of the visitor.
  11. OCSA staff members will walk to the reception area (maintaining appropriate social distancing) to welcome the visitor and show them to the preferred meeting location (office, Zoom Room, double occupancy office).
  12. At no point should any visitor walk through the suite without following this process.
  13. 6 feet social distancing will be required within offices for in person meetings.
    • For offices that cannot accommodate this standard, a double occupancy office (Beard 109M) can be used or the student lounge can be used.
  14. OCSA reception area staff will consistently wipe down common areas in reception (such as chairs, tables, counters) as well as the door handles for entry and exit.
  15. Individual OCSA staff members will be responsible for wiping down their offices and door handles as needed.