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If a member of our community notices a failure to comply with our community standards they should:

Politely ask the person to comply.


  1. If a student in a classroom is non-compliant with University community standards for COVID-19, the following process should be followed:
    1. Politely ask the student to comply with the community standard (mask, social distancing) or leave the classroom.
    2. If the student refuses to comply, call the Eshelman Care Team line at 919-813-0481.
    3. OCSA staff member on call will respond in person and ask the student to leave the classroom. The OCSA staff member will remind the student that refusal to leave may result in their de-enrollment from the course or a referral to the Scholastic Achievement and Progressions Committee.
  2. For students inside the building, notify OCSA by utilizing the ECT online referral form who will take appropriate action.
  3. For employees and graduate students in non-classroom settings, report the violation to your supervisor and/or anonymously through the Carolina Ethics Line at 866-294-8688.  Managers will respond to any complaints as a violation of University policy and work with HR to take appropriate action.