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Due to reduced room capacity related to COVID-19, students are given the opportunity to attend class in person on select days and times. Some experiences (e.g. compounding lab) will require in person attendance. For all other experiences it is at the discretion of the student if they would like to attend in person or Zoom.


  1. At the designated entrance you will find a diagram as to what seats are available for usage in accordance with 6′ social distancing.
  2. Directly inside the classroom there will be:
    • Hand sanitizer. Please sanitize your hands upon every entrance you make. 
    • Disinfecting wipes. Please grab a wipe on the way in & sanitize your workspace – desk & chair – before sitting. (Throw it out on your way out of the classroom at the conclusion of class). 
    • Seating: every day that you enter the classroom sit at a desk space farthest from the door to allow classmates to filter in without having to make contact with one another. On your approved in-person attendance day there will be colored stickers marking where you can sit in a given classroom. See the photos below for what this will look like.





  1. Use the designated exit door only. In a classroom with 2 doors, this will be the door that you did not enter through.
  2. Those closest to the door will exit first with everyone maintaining a 6′ social distance between one another.


  1. If you find yourself in need of switching to a different classroom, please allow ample time. Remember the hallways are on directional, which will take you out of your way sometimes, but it is just our new normal for now.