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Detailed and frequently updated information about return to campus policies and procedures can be found at


Students were surveyed in late July about their preferences for the location of their learning (in-class vs virtual).  Safety of our community is most important to us.  Students can choose to attend classes virtually without penalty, or they may attend in class on specific days outlined in the School of Pharmacy calendar.  Faculty will teach in person in the classroom on any days that students might be on campus for in person classes.  There will be instances during the semester where students will need to be on campus for assessments or activities that must be completed in person, so be sure to check your syllabus and watch for instructions from your course directors.


Student pharmacists on the Asheville Campus who develop any signs or symptoms of COVID-19 should follow University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill guidelines by contacting UNC Campus Health and the Eshelman Care Team.  The steps involved for reporting your symptoms can be found at


We recognize that it may be a financial hardship for students to pay for an annual parking pass, particularly when students might be on campus only one day per week.  We are currently discussing this situation with UNC Asheville leadership and will share more information about parking once a decision has been reached.


UNC Asheville Recreation Services are currently closed due to the pandemic.  Virtual activities including yoga and circuit training can be accessed here:


Signs have been placed throughout Karpen Hall that designate one-way flow throughout Karpen Hall.  Please follow the instructions designated by UNC Asheville signage in order to promote social distancing.


UNC Asheville has placed hand sanitizing stations throughout Karpen Hall for your convenience


Face coverings should be worn at all times when you are on campus.  Appropriate masks include surgical masks or cloth masks deemed to be equivalent.  The University will provide each student with two cloth masks and hand sanitizer in August (Date TBD) and Dean Wingo plans to ship these items to Asheville.  If you forget your mask at home, please see Mr. Mulkeen to request a surgical mask.

The University considers Easy Masks to be equivalent to surgical masks based upon recent clinical studies, and you can purchase those here:


Cleaning supplies are available in each classroom.  Please wipe down your desk when you enter the classroom, after you eat, and before you leave.  UNC Asheville will clean all classrooms and rest rooms each morning before 7:00 AM and again at the end of the day.  Housekeeping will also clean high touch surfaces such as doorknobs multiple times throughout the day.


Refrigerators and microwaves will be available for student use.  Please wipe down handles on appliances after use.  UNC Asheville dining services will be available for students.  Please check their website for updated hours and services.


Visitors to our space should follow UNC Eshelman School of Pharmacy guidelines for community standards.  If someone arrives without a mask, please direct them to Mr. Mulkeen who will provide one.


Staff, faculty, and students should avoid congregating in the faculty suite and maintain social distancing of 6 feet.  Mr. Mulkeen will be working in Mrs. Tolbert’s office until she returns from maternity leave on August 26.


Signage will be placed on doors of each of our spaces to indicate the number of people who are allowed in at one time.