English 105: Game Writing


ENGL 105 : Writing in the Disciplines with Games

Spring 2022 

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Course Description

English 105 introduces students to academic writing across the disciplines of natural sciences, social sciences, and humanities. This course develops advanced writing skills that focus on identifying how genres, styles of writing, arguments, and forms of evidence differ across disciplines, audiences, and purposes. Studying and practicing the conventions of writing in different disciplines will help you become a more versatile writer, which in turn should help you in other college courses.


Student Learning Outcomes

In this course you will:

  • Employ conventions, genres, and rhetoric practiced in the natural sciences, social sciences, and humanities
  • Conduct research using a variety of methods, databases, and sources.
  • Discuss and present research-based arguments and information.
  • Identify how best to use research and evidence in discipline-specific compositions.
  • Compose using written, oral, and multimedia modes.
  • Review and revise one’s own work and assist others in revising their work.


Required Texts

Jack, Jordynn, et al., editors. Tar Heel Writing Guide, 2020-2021.

***From now on, the THWG will be an ebook. You should have been emailed a code to purchase it. If not, please let me know ASAP. You must bring some means of accessing the textbook to class every day, preferably a laptop or tablet.***



Other Required Course Materials