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Design Automation for Automotive Cyber-Physical Systems is a project that aims to transform the software development process in modern cars, which are witnessing significant innovation with many new autonomous functions being introduced, culminating in a fully autonomous vehicle. In particular, the goal is to automate the synthesis and implementation of control algorithms on distributed embedded architectures consisting of different types of multicore processors, GPUs, FPGA-based accelerators, different communication buses, gateways, and sensors associated with compute-intensive processing. Starting with specifications of plants, control objectives, controller templates, and a partially-specified implementation architecture, this project seeks to synthesize both controller and implementation architecture parameters that meet all control objectives and resource constraints.

NSF award number: 2038960

Project duration: January 1, 2021 through December 31, 2023


We gratefully acknowledge NSF, General Motors, Mentor Graphics/Siemens, and Mirabilis Design for supporting this project.

National Science Foundation