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China As A Rising Hegemon

Connor Young, Erich Hess, Reo Aono, Robert Sargent, and Henry Johnson

Since China’s massive economic and political reconstructiothroughout the 1970s and 80s, China has gone from an underestimated agrarian country to an industrial worldwide powerhouse. This growth was and continues to be fueled by China’s large population and vast number of resources. Due to its growth, China has begun to see and desire a place of power and influence for itself on the world stage. This research examines China’s potential to be a global hegemony in past, present, and future contexts from various criticalgeopolitics perspectives. Analyses included on this website examine China’s modern geopolitical history, land expansions in the South China Sea and Eurasia, and popular geopolitics; it ends by comparing these strategies to similar actions in the West.