The Avian Diet Database is a web app that allows users to query data on avian diets by different species. Current development will be focused on adding user authentication features, along with a functioning user submission and approval process for new avian diet data.

This website was created as a part of COMP 523: Software Engineering Lab to provide updates to our progress on our semester-long project assigned by the class. 

For our project, Avian Diet Database, we are working with a UNC Biology professor, Dr. Allen Hurlbert, to build upon prior development efforts made to the Avian Diet Database website.

The website currently pulls avian diet data from a database, then allows users to query for information about avian diets through a simple and intuitive UI. The additional features that we will be developing include:

  • User authentication
  • Automated QA/QC checks for new data entry submissions
  • A reviewer dashboard to view data entry submissions and make changes or accept the submission
  • Integration of approved data to an existing database on Carolina Cloud Apps

Access the course website here!