CollectSMART Software Improvements

Our project is going to improve and revamp the aging CollectSMART software suite and add functionality to enhance real time data sharing and capability for end users.

CollectSMART is a software suite for public heath survey sampling, conduction, and management. It offers an automated process for creating statistically viable surveys for community health need assessments and to manage surveyors during the survey. It is intended primarily for public health and human service practitioners, although it is usable by anyone conducting a community level survey. Our client for this project is Matthew Simon, a Senior Data and GIS Analyst at the Gillings School of Public Health at UNC Chapel Hill.

CollectSMART currently consists of web and mobile (Android) apps. The web app currently provides functionality for survey managers to create and manage surveys and view data. The Android app is intended for surveyors on the ground to use to collect data and is powered by the CDC’s open source EpiInfo software suite.

Currently, there are problems with both apps. The web app, while functional, is outdated and is in need of significant UI improvements. The mobile app is also outdated and does not compile. Both apps are in need of features to improve the end user experience and to facilitate real time data sharing between them.

The goals of this project are to revamp the aging website and mobile apps and to add features that enable data sharing that improves the user experience for both survey managers and surveyors. In doing so, we aim to improve a tool that enables public health and human service practitioners to conduct and manage surveys, improving the ease and quality of data collection, and reducing overall cost and speeding up the research process.