This site hosts the project details, team summary, deliverables, and documentation on the Chapel Hill Cafe Reservation System, a project which is part of the COMP523 course at UNC.

More details about the course can be found on the COMP523 website.

This project is an OpenTable-like app to manage seating at local cafes. It allows users to view seating availability and reserve seating for themselves. Ideally it also will allow users to learn about and connect with local cafes.


The need for this software is the inconsistency in available seating in Chapel Hill cafes. Currently, with cafes as one of the hottest spots to do schoolwork or just unwind in a calm atmosphere, many students are finding themselves wanting to spend some time at them. However, there is no way for people to tell which cafes have open seating, or when seating will open up. This software will be used to empower cafe-goers to be more informed on the state of local cafes.

The target software platform for this project is a mobile app, so that users can interact with the software easily while on the go, as people often go to and from cafes in the middle of their days. 

The target users of this software are local cafe-goers, as well as cafes themselves. The software provides an impactful platform through which these two parties can interact with each other.

The clients of this project are two UNC CS graduate students, who have personal ties to cafes and want to see the cafe experience enhanced.

We should care about this project because it has the opportunity to provide value to both residents of Chapel Hill, as well as cafes themselves. By removing a common pain point associated with going to cafes, this project will improve the cafe-patron relationship and bring business into Chapel Hill cafes.

The primary goals of this project are to create systems to monitor capacity for cafes, as well as allow people to make reservations at cafes. However, specifics of how we will do this are likely going to be individualized based on cafe needs.