Hello & Welcome

This is my multi-media blogging experience, guiding me as I navigate the walking seminar adventure. Like any good adventurer, it’s my duty to record everything: what I see, what I hear, and especially what I feel. And like any prepared adventurer, I come equipped with an explorers pack, to ensure no matter what happens, I’ll be ready!


Here’s a handy doodle to help me out. (Hint: clicking on any image should redirect you to a full-screen version). As you can see, my explorers pack holds all the essentials. I always bring my trusty waterbottle with me, a sturdy 20 ounces that keeps the water cold all day. You never know what could happen, so a portable charger, pads, and my wallet are a must. Sunglasses and an umbrella keep me ready for any weather, and the binoculars ensure that no matter what I want to draw on my favorite sketchbook, I’ll have the best view possible. My color pencil pouch holds a great range of prismacolors, several HB 2 pencils, and of course a pencil sharpener and a white eraser.

This second drawing is my adventuring outfit, as what you wear is just as important as what you bring. Lets work our way up from the tips of the toes to the end of the nose!

When taking an adventurous walk, good footwear makes all the difference. Sneakers are a fan favorite for any athletic situation, but some prefer hiking boots. A long as you wear the right shoes (and the right socks), you can experience the journey without worrying about blisters preventing you from reaching your destination! Then comes clothing. Dressing for the weather is important, but so is the type of clothes you choose. In the heat, I’ll be wearing knee-length leggings or exercise shorts, to ensure walking and sweating doesn’t distract me from the adventure. Pockets are preferred for my phone, but sometimes hard to find. A comfy shirt is great, matching it with a sports-bra is better.

I’ve got a few more accessories of course. The pouch on the strap of my explorer’s pack makes my keys accessible, and a pocket knife in easy reach for safety when wandering into the unknown. A mask completes the ensemble, keeping me and others safe during plague-times. Bluetooth earbuds, fully charged, keep me focused on the words of wisdom that guide the journey.

any true adventurer has a special item from someone important. this pocketknife was a gift from my dad

This class is about experiencing a journey and about transforming the environment around you into something creative. Walking has many purposes, and is not always about the destination. For this experience, the adventure is inherently about the adventurer, as all that occurs will be interpreted through my eyes. Head on over to the About Me page and see what guides my vision! You can also jump right in and see what The Journey, or The Journal, is like by following the links to the master page for each!