Authoritarian Politics Workshop

The AP Workshop provides a forum for grad students and faculty to receive feedback on work in development, from research designs to fully drafted articles.

For more information about the workshop contact Sasha de Vogel (sldv1 at

September 9: Sasha de Vogel, “Autocratic Governors’ Career Incentives and Protest Repression”

September 27: Elena Sirotkina, “Autocrat versus Challenger: Revealing Hidden Sympathy for Regime Change through Implicit Political Attitudes”

October 4: Five-Minute Fiesta

October 18: Silviya Nitsova, “Public Support for the Superrich: Evidence from Ukraine at War”

November 1: Ashley Anderson, “Authoritarian Institutions: Instruments of Control or Double-Edged Sword?”

November 15: Aleksandra Rumiansteva and Sasha de Vogel, TBD

November 29: Bryce Hecht, “When Does Opposition Cooptation Undermine Autocratic Stability?”