Ongoing Projects


  • #Data4Ukraine – Real Time Event Detection for Human Rights and Refugees (with colleagues at UPenn, University of Maryland and The University of Manchester).
    • Automated tracking of human rights violations, refugee flows and other humanitarian needs in Ukraine.

  • The New Russia in A Changing Climate (co-chairing the PONARS Task Force with colleagues from Notre Dame and George Washington University).
    • Leading a new research initiative on the environmental, social and political consequences of climate change in Russia.

  • Anxiety, Information and Authoritarianism.
    • Research on the effect of anxiety on information search and media bubbles in authoritarian regimes.

  • The Pandemic and Support for Autocracy.
    • Cross-national research on the effects of the pandemic on support for restrictions on civil and political rights.

  • Personality and Protest in Authoritarian Regimes.
    • Research on the effects of individual personality traits on political attitudes and behavior in authoritarian regimes.

  • Repression, Emotions and Authoritarian Legitimacy.
    • Studying the emotions generated by repression in authoritarian regimes and the consequences of those emotions.

  • Cooptation in Authoritarian Legislatures.
    • Graduate student-led project using machine learning to analyze the effects of cooptation on the behavior of legislators in non-democratic parliaments.

  • Guided Propaganda and Authoritarian Control.
    • Graduate student-led project using machine learning to deconstruct patterns of propaganda on Russian state television.

  • Oligarchic Networks of Influence.
    • Graduate student-led project on oligarchic networks in the Ukrainian parliament.